Lernberger Stafsing


Lernberger Stafsing springs from the belief that there is an untapped potential of beauty inside everyone, ready to be released. We have always dared to dream big. Founded, run and owned by us – Patrik Lernberger and Mattias Stafsing – our brand is a celebration to the magic of personal transformation. We believe that you are more beautiful than what you show the world, and that once you are able to express that beauty, wonderful things will come true.

We are driven by passion, and we never compromise with results. Our products are honest, filled with effective, yet eco-friendly ingredients, in step with today’s modern, busy lifestyle. You can always rest assured that each product promotes healthier, stronger and more lively hair and skin. But beauty is not only in the end result, it is also in the process. To exceed expectations, we enrich our products with added benefits and invigorating scents that elevate the ambience. Our whole approach is holistic – an attractive surface is connected to mental and physical wellbeing.

Our Swedish heritage speaks for high quality, purity, simplicity, and grace. We want to instil a sense of wonder, creating beauty products for a remarkable lifestyle and a more luxurious everyday experience. And most importantly, we believe that true beauty starts within. Be good to your hair and skin, be good to nature and be good to yourself – and beauty will follow.


Lernberger Stafsing is an embodiment of our personal lifestyle, our integrity as artists and our expertise. A manifestation of all the people we have met throughout our careers and our endeavours in cosmetics, hair and styling. Our mission is always to bring out the beauty within – and nothing beats witnessing a client see themselves with new eyes. We have been working with celebrities, royals and the fashion elite for years, and it has provided us with invaluable experiences. But we are convinced that every person is more extraordinary than they think they are. And that everyone has the right to feel beautiful, every day.

Product philosophy

Our aesthetics are unmistakably Swedish – defined by purity, honesty and a healthy radiance. We are transparent about everything that goes into each product. We use natural ingredients whenever possible, and we make sure they are organic and free from harmful chemicals. Our scents are all made together with world-renowned perfumers, and we have left out parabens, sulphates and cyclic silicones.

Our products are all made in Sweden. To us, advanced in a way means simplified: using a minimum of ingredients, our focus is always on effect and result. And no matter your gender or ethnicity, there is something to discover for everyone.

Sustainability Ethos

Not only are our products kind to your hair, scalp, skin and body – our love for nature lies at the heart of our brand. We take pride in our efforts to minimise our environmental footprint, for us it is a natural part of our business. We prioritise the use of natural and organic ingredients whenever possible, and we commit to never including micro-plastics, non-solvable polymers, or cyclic silicones in any of our products.

All Lernberger Stafsing products are manufactured in Sweden, utilising the most eco-friendly alternatives for both packaging and formulation. We always use FSC paper for all paper packing and print materials, and our glass and plastic bottles are recyclable. For the Scandinavian market, we work with Bower to encourage the recycling of our products. Through streamlined local production, we ensure quality control and reduce our environmental impact. All products are cruelty-free. We also collaborate with The Perfect World Foundation, where we, Patrik & Mattias, serve as ambassadors.