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Portrait of a Woman

Sofia Wallenstam

Sofia Wallenstam is one of three sisters behind the well-known Swedish brand House of Dagmar. We talked about Sofia’s thoughts about how beauty and fashion are connected, how her beauty routine has changed since becoming a mother and her very best styling advice.

What are your thoughts about beauty vs fashion? How do they differ from each other?

“For me, beauty and fashion are almost the same. The most important is to feel comfortable, sustainable and natural but with a touch of attitude. To invest in high-quality which will last for a longer time is a matter of course for me.  My clothes and my skincare creams must be made of good material and ingredients”.

What is your best style tip?

“To feel comfortable is essential for me. Also, I’ve started to prepare both my own outfit as well as my children’s on the evening before. It saves a lot of time during hectic mornings”. 

When do you feel the most beautiful?

“I love being fresh out of the shower and moisturized with my favorite products. Also, I always feel a little bit better when my skin is sun kissed during the summer”. 

How has your relation to beauty changed since you became a mother? 

“Since I don’t have the same amount of time to spend on my beauty routine, I have to be more efficient. My everyday look is a good and hydrated base paired with statement eye brows. I have pretty sensitive skin so I definitely prioritize my skincare more than makeup”. 

What do you spend the most money on beauty wise?

“Definitely on skincare products; serums, face masks, creams and eye creams. Anything I can think of that will give me as much glow as possible!”