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Self Care

What is self-care for you? For some people self-care is pouring up a big bubble bath, sipping on a glass of white, ice-cold wine or chilling in PJ’s, binge watching a Netflix series. For those of you who think of self-care as treating yourself with some well scented creams and masks, we have an easy ritual for you.

“Showering is the most self-caring ritual I can think of. It’s a moment of reflecting, analyzing and letting the day rinse off your face, body and clear your thoughts. The waters effect on my skin when it’s dripping down amongst my body, has a really meditative effect on me.”
– Mattias Stafsing


1 – Wash your face, either it’s in the shower, bathtub or a simple wash-off in the sink.

2 – Scrub your face and body with an exfoliator that makes all your senses trip down the lane of escapism. Be gentle and customize the peeling of your current skin needs – Volcanic Rock Scrub.

3 – Apply a face mask, either if it’s a second step of deeper exfoliating like AHA/BHA Peel Gel Mask or if it’s a moisturizing, deep-hydrating face mask like Overnight Retinol+ Mask. Make it a moment of calmness and enjoy the applying by giving yourself a gentle face massage with your fingertips.

“For me, self-care is a big part of being in our kitchen. Plan and cook a dinner with some music playing in the background is one of the most soul-food things I can think of doing. It gives me the same feelings as when I paint a picture to set the dinner table from what vibe I’m currently into, to follow a new recipe I’ve recently saved and making every step with thoughtfulness.”
– Patrik Lernberger