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Portrait of a Woman

Sarah Dawn Finer

We met Sarah over a cup of coffee to talk about her relationship towards beauty and how it has been affected over the years in her work as a pop singer, musical artist and comedian but also as a mother to Annie Grace who just turned 3yrs the 7th of may.

How do you think your view on beauty has been influenced by being a celebrated artist and public figure?

Very! So many more people who looks at you and judge. At the beginning of my career, I felt that I needed to wear makeup as soon as I left home not to disappoint people (after being told that I looked so different on TV). But now I almost never have makeup on in private, but rather look like the “toddler mom” I am right now. I get so “made–up” when I work that it would be like stepping into the role as Sarah the artist.

When do you feel most beautiful?

After a lot of sleep, exercise, good food and without any makeup on or when I am in full make–up and someone would take a picture of me and I look like a totally different person. Hahahaha!

Tell us about your daily beauty routine! What do you use for hair care, skin care and make-up?

My top priority over the years have been to wash and moisturize the skin. I use a lot of make–up when I work, and often long days. For skincare I always use Facial Oil, and Day Cream, preferably Toner and of course Night Cream before sleep. I try to do AHA/ BHA Peel Gel Mask or Overnight Retinol+ Mask once a week or after intense days. My hair just loves Leave-In Treatment BB Cream and I couldn’t live a day without Dryclean.

Do you experience different approaches to beauty depending on the country and culture you are in?

Really, most when traveling. Then you see all the different looks that are popular in other cultures. Some I feel more at home with than others. It can be very different here, especially in different professions. My profession as an artist basically requires that I’m fixed in public because everyone has a mobile camera. This is not the case in other professions.

What is beauty to you?

Love. Security. Someone who is beautiful without make–up. Someone who looks happy and calm in complexion and soul. The more artificial look we can all create with a little help of makeup or in my case the best stylists available.

What is your best / most fun / coolest memory from your years as an artist linked to hair, make–up, clothes?

Oh! There are soooo many!
1. Greta Garbo look for a shoot with Caroline Roosmark.
2. Fashion shoot for a magazine with Magnus Ragnvid when hair & makeup artist Linda Kebbon with whom I worked for 15 years and I got to do some fashion for the first time. 
3. Lynda Woodruff and Sally Bowles characters are fun because I get to look so different in character with wig and make–up on.

What are your 4 favorite products from Lernberger Stafsing?

Its really hard to mention only 4 as I have so many. Here are 8 of them!

Facial Oil

655 kr
Moisturizing & Repairing


239 kr
Volumizing & Refreshing

Day Cream

475 kr
Hydrates & Protects
Skin renewing

Night Cream

495 kr
Repairs & Protects
Plumping & Hydrating
Moisturising & Anti-Frizz
Exfoliate & Clarify
50 ml