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Patrik’s & Mattias 3 best tips to multi-use your LS products

Scalp Serum

Thanks to its many benefits Scalp Serum is a perfect product to use not only on your scalp but on any body part that’s red, burned or irritated because of its soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory ingredients. 

”It’s the perfect after-sun product, with calming and moisturizing Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid and Celery extract.”

Root Camouflage

Whether you’re in need of an immediate regrowth cover up or want to make your hair look thicker – Try our Root Camouflage! Choose a darker colour for a go-to immediate cover up or the same colour as your hair or beard to make it look thicker. 

The perfect multi-product for everyone to have on their beauty shelf!”

Gloss Spray

Do you feel the lack of glow for tonight’s party? Spray Gloss Spray wherever you wish to achieve some extra shine and lustre. Give your hair, arms, legs and décolletage an immediate sparkle while at the same time nourish it with hydrating argan oil.

”The ultimate product whenever you need an immediate healthy glow and lustre!”

Scalp Serum

289 kr
Soothing & Calming
Light Brown

Gloss Spray

229 kr
Shine & Care