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Portrait of a Man

Martin Hansson

Martin Hansson is a blogger, stylist, and fashion editor. We asked him about the secret behind his good-looking curls, if it is important to follow a beauty routine and his best advice to give young men.

How has your beauty routine changed over the years?

“Nowadays, I like to spend five minutes extra in the evening in the bathroom. I can see that it actually makes a clear difference in the morning. In the past, I barely took care of my skin. I never used sunscreen and didn’t moisturize my skin. Today, I take greater responsibility for both my skin and my hair, and I’m very selective with what products and brands I use. I only stick to the best.”

What’s your view on beauty and food?

“I believe there’s a connection. There’s something very true about the old cliché: ”you are what you eat”. For me, the overall picture is what matters. Try to get your sleep right, eat healthy and exercise regularly”. 

“Sometimes, I like to stay off the products for a while
and let it be all curly and natural”

You’ve got amazing hair! What’s your styling tip?

“I use hair oil, saltwater spray, and a paste with a matte finish, not too sticky. That is my go-to for a natural look that doesn’t come off as too stylish or polished, but the hair is under control. Sometimes, I like to stay off the products for a while and let it be all curly and natural”.

Have you tried anything from Lernberger Stafsing?

“Yes, absolutely. My favorite product is Saltwater Spray. It has become a faithful companion on all my adventures. Since I am often traveling, I really appreciate the travel kit with skincare products, the Discovery kit“.

What advice would you like to give people who want to be more secure in themselves?

To become their own best friend. I notice many young men in my age have a hard time being alone, and still be satisfied. If you just ask yourself how you want your best friend to be and make sure to mentally hang out with ”that person” every day, I think you’ve come a long way. But I’m not an expert, I have only found out what works for me”.

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