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Lernberger Stafsing x The Perfect World Foundation

“We’re driven by our passion of beauty. Part of that is about the environment and health, which is how our paths crossed with The Perfect World Foundation.”

The ‘S.O.S Barrier Repair Cream’ and The Perfect World Foundation… what’s the story?

“The product that we were in the process of launching, when we begun our discussions with The Perfect World Foundation, is a rescue cream, to be used on skin when sensitive or damaged. When we decided on the name ‘S.O.S Barrier Repair Cream’, it just felt like a perfect match with the threatened situation of the pollinators, they are also in a S.O.S situation, and in need of help and rescue.” 

Now all that was missing was a The Perfect World project that would align with what we wanted to dedicate our product and profit to and one amazing project stood out.  

The human-wildlife conflict with elephants in Africa is a big problem. As agriculture is spreading out the risk of farmers’ crops and properties being destroyed by elephants increase. But nature is clever and discovering that elephants are afraid of bees turned out to be a welcome solution. A local project realized that they could lead the elephants away from areas where people are living by placing beehives at strategic locations and minimize the conflict. The impact of the beehives doesn’t stop with just easing up the human-wildlife conflict, it also provides farmers with better crops, adds an extra source of income by selling honey and beeswax and it saves trees from being destroyed by the elephants passing by, and helps biodiversity thrive.

What’s the ambition, what do you hope your product will be able to contribute to?

“Our goal is to raise money to educate beekeepers, buy and put up plenty of beehives, and also plant a community garden to provide the bees with nectar, to keep them happy and alert on their ‘job’ to keep the elephants at a distance.”

Ragnhild Jacobsson CEO of The Perfect World Foundation concludes,
“We’re super pleased with our collaboration with Lernberger Stafsing. What we aspire to do with all of our collaborations is to find companies who share our dream of a better world. We strive to find a link between what they do and a cause that we work to improve, and most importantly, to support people and organizations worldwide that dedicate their lives to projects that are curtail for the survival of endangered wildlife and biodiversity.”

Read more about The Perfect World Foundation and contribute to their work here.

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