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Lars Wallin – The Swedish king of couture

Lars Wallin is the iconic fashion creator and designer who during his career, among many others, dressed Miss World, Eurovision Song Contest participants and every Swedish celebrity worth mentioning. His creations are also known to be worn by Crown Princess Victoria. This summer Lars Wallin is currently debuting in Summer in P1 on July 29th.

Where do you find inspiration for your creation?

Hunting for inspiration is an ongoing process for me. When I work with couture customers or commercial partnerships, it is the customer / company that is my biggest source of inspiration. In addition to that, I gather impressions to my inspirational bank all the time. It can be everything in my surroundings, from a movie, artwork, beautiful environment or a person on the street, an exciting color combination on a dish and so on. When I see a beautiful fabric, my creative process immediately starts and I get mental pictures of what the dress could look like. I do not limit myself when it comes to sources of inspiration, inspiration is to be found everywhere.

What are your biggest strengths in artistry and design?

My strengths when it comes to couture is that I see the customer and have a strong sense of timeless female design. I put my ego in the other hand and lift the client to his most beautiful self. I have a sense of harmony and balance that can still surprise.

What are your thoughts on the connection between beauty and artistry? What do you see for your relationship and how do they feel?

For me, beauty is about a holistic image that creates a personal balance that lifts the customer to their best self. The overall picture. Having the right clothes, hairstyle and make-up on the right person at the right time together constitutes what I consider to be beauty.

How do you look at your own beauty? What kind of beauty routine do you have? Any special favorite products?

When I was younger and at the beginning of my career, I perceived myself as ugly and different. I never fit in. However, I realized very early on that people tended to remember me already after the first meeting. Then I felt that there was something positive about my appearance and personality that I have since accepted and considered and tried to manage.

I work a lot and have a pretty stressful life. My morning and evening routines when it comes to skin care are very important to me. That’s when I relax, these moments are almost meditative to me. My routines I follow to the point of being slavishly, regardless of where I am in the world or how tired I am.

In the evening routine, I devote myself to cleaning properly and then following up with serum and working creams so that the body and skin can charge the batteries, renew and improve during the night as best as possible. The morning routines I dedicate to prepare and strengthen my skin for a long and intense workday. Then I invest in creating luster and natural glow.I have been a so-called “cream maniac” since the age of 14 when I borrowed my Mom’s Estée Lauder cream. My skin favorites in recent years include AHA/BHA Peel Gel Mask and Anti–Age Serum from Lernberger Stafsing.

If Lars Wallin were a beauty brand, what would have been the brand’s most outstanding features?

Lars Wallin as a beauty brand had been make-up. Like accessories for the face as I think makeup is the world’s best accessory. I would also have a product line with glow boosters for face and body that together with my dresses would create the ultimate glam look.