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Portrait of a Woman

Emma Green

Emma Green is one of the most sucessful high jumpers in Sweden, with a career that resulted in four medals at the World Championships and the European Championships. Here, she talks about her view on beauty and how exercise, diet and mental health are related.

What do you associate with the word beauty?

I think of a person who radiates harmony, balance, energy and joy. The inside affects the outside”.

How has your beauty routine changed since you finished your professional high jump career?

Most importantly, I’ve become a mother and suddenly both my body and my lifestyle changed. I have always cared about how I look but since I am a bit lazy, I want to look my best but in an effortless way. I haven’t changed much in my beauty routine, but I’ve learned how to be more efficient. And instead of letting my focus be on how to become the best in the world, I put time and effort in clean eating, exercise and a proper beauty regime to give my body the best tools to feel good”.

Tell us about your daily beauty routine?

“I love quiet and calm mornings, that’s why I try to have plenty of time in the morning so I can have a moment for myself before the rest of the house get up. I moisturize the skin with the help of Day Cream and Eye Cream from Lernberger Stafsing. Then I put on some light make-up to even out the skin, and put a bit of color on my lashes and brows. Then I do some meditation and gentle movements to wake my body. Before eating breakfast, I always drink a glass of lemon water. My evening routine is to cleanse my face with Gel Cleanser and then moisturize with Night Cream“.

“I, who have always trained hard
and been very aware of my diet, notice a clear difference
when my diet and exercise are in imbalance”.

Do you think there is a link between exercise and beauty?

“Absolutely. I believe exercise, beauty and mental health goes together. I, who have always trained hard and been very aware of my diet, notice a clear difference when my diet and exercise are in imbalance. To me, the most important is to exercise, eat healthy and to drink lots of water. Besides from that, I also use good beauty products”.

What is your favorite Lernberger Stafsing product?

“Tough question since there are so many I love! I’ve been a big fan of the haircare range for a long time, but after I’ve tried the skincare products, I’m in love with them too. They’re absolutely wonderful”.