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Portrait of a Woman

Efva Attling

Friends of Lernberger Stafsing – Swedish queen of jewellery Efva Attling on her thoughts about beauty, creation and how she ended up establishing an international jewellery brand.

Tell us about your career, how did it all begin?

“I’ve always known I would end up working with design and creation in some kind of way. When I was 11 years old, I created my first piece of jewellery which turned out to be my later career. I guess everything I’ve made led me to ending up as a jewellery maker and designer. From starting out as a model, to singer and songwriter to fashion designer and silversmith trainee, it all brought me to where I am today”.

“For beauty, I prefer to keep my skincare routine simple”

What’s your daily beauty routine?

I love to splash my face with ice cold water in the morning, followed by a moisturizing serum and a hydrating day cream. For make-up, I basically just put on some light foundation, fill in my eyebrows, put on some eye shadow, mascara, maybe some eyeliner, a bit of rouge on the cheeks, and that’s about it. When it comes to hair, I have typical fine Scandinavian hair which I style with Lernberger Stafsing’s products”.

What are your favourite products from Lernberger Stafsing?

“I love Blowdry and Rootlift Mousse. It gives my hair the amount of texture and volume that I prefer. I’m also a frequent user of Dryclean. It has saved many stressful mornings over the years. And not to forget, I never leave the house without the Dressing Brush from Lernberger Stafsing”.

When do you feel most beautiful?

“Although I have a huge passion for beauty, there’s nothing that makes me feel more beautiful than when my wife Eva looks at me with THAT look. No beauty product in the world could beat that”.