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Dryclean – A True Icon

One of the most sold hair styling products in Sweden, one every 10 minute. Used by top stylists, celebrities and royals in their everyday work and life. With its incredible volume and texture, fresh feeling and signature smell, it’s no wonder Dryclean has already achieved icon status.

Read more about how this styling spray
became a modern classic.

The story of Dryclean started back in 2011, when Patrik and Mattias were about to launch their first collection of haircare. With their backgrounds in hair, styling and beauty, they knew what they wanted a product to feel like, smell like and do. Their secret weapon was knowing the exact results their customers were looking for. Inspired by organic oils and botanic extracts, they started to conjure up their own products

“Everything always starts with a purpose” Patrik explains. Our ideas always come from a need, which often emerges when we are out styling a client and wishing we had a product that doesn’t yet exist. And then we have to make it ourselves. Dryclean was no exception. We wanted to create something more than an ordinary dry shampoo, something that works for all hair types, for all occasions.”

During the fall 2011, Lernberger Stafsing launched a line of advanced shampoos and conditioners, targeted treatments and professional styling products. Every product made with carefully selected ingredients, every formula crafted with passion and care, especially the volumizing dry shampoo. It was given the name Dryclean, a title that clearly signaled what the product did.

“When we worked with Dryclean, we were called the chemist’s most nit-picky, difficult customer… We were not satisfied until the formula was absolutely perfect! I’m glad that we kept working on the formula, since we would never compromise on the results that our products create. Our clients expect and deserve the best possible effect”.

Sales took off and it wasn’t long before Patrik and Mattias noticed that Dryclean quickly had become a favorite with not only customers, but also among beauty editors and celebrities.

“We had the right product at the right time” Patrik says. It’s an effective dry shampoo that removes excess oils and gives a fresh feeling, while it also gives sexy texture and volume to any hair style. It saves you time, it’s easy to use and it smells divine. Simply put, it’s a modern classic we are very proud of.”