LS Supercomplex is a blend of exclusive extracts made from natures own super fruits and berries. These fruits and berries are known for their high content of powerful antioxidants. LS Supercomplex is also rich in vitamins, minerals and beneficial fatty acids which are the building blocks of the unique formula that is a part of all products in the series.

Stimulating for the scalp, energizing, detoxifying, anti-bacterial, creates a smooth texture, anti-aging, protective, moisturizing, seals the hair fibres, boosts scalp elasticity, softening – among so many more benefits.

Acai    Goji    Sugar Maple    Bilberry    Sugar Cane    African Pepper    Orange    Lemon


Organic oils are the only option for us. An organic oil is produced without dangerous pesticides. It is not refined and because of that all the nutrients you want from an oil is still in the product otherwise you loose all nutrients in the refining process.