Dressing Brush Large

Hand polished Dressing brush with the perfect balance of natural bristles and long nylon bristles for daily use on all types of hair. It untangles and smooths out and the nylon bristles gently massage your scalp. Can be used on both damp and dry hair.

Delivered in a dust bag, packed in a paper carton.
Measurements: 24 cm x 8 cm x 3 cm

By brushing your hair daily with a hair brush with natural bristles your hair becomes stronger, smoother and shinier, as the brush helps to distribute the scalp’s natural, nourishing oils along the hair shafts. A brush made of natural bristles is also very gentle on the hair compared to a comb or a brush with plastic spikes. The brush can be used favourably on hair with extensions as it is gentle on the hair.

Instead of teasing your hair with a volume boost comb you can tease it with the brush. This makes the tease a little more airy and you can tease your hair not only closest to the scalp but in the lengths as well, without making it look tangled. To avoid flyaway short hairs, spray a little hair spray or gloss spray directly onto the brush and brush through your hair.

It is important to regularly remove any hairs from the brush. The best way to do this is with a wide tooth comb or another brush. Fill a bowl with warm water, add a small amount of shampoo and allow the brush to soak for a few minutes to dissolve dirt and grease. This will also make the brush smell good. If the brush is very dirty you can dissolve a little baking soda in a bowl of warm water and place the brush in it. The oxygen that is produced when the water is mixed with the baking soda helps remove the dirt.

1 piece - 459,00 kr

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