We are the core of the brand. Our personal lifestyle, integrity and sure instinct is what makes us – and the brand – unique. All the people we’ve met, all the years of experience with hair, beauty and styling has generated an immense experience, very rare for Sweden. We know what kind of effect the right products with the right ingredients have on people.

But, we grew tired of our experience only benefitting a chosen few of celebrities, models and fashionistas. We want to reach everyone! We believe everyone has the right to healthy, sustainable products and a more luxurious life. Simply put, they deserve to feel and look better.

Inspired by the simplest of ingredients – the rape-seed oil grown everywhere in the south of Sweden – we started making our own shampoo. One thing led to another… We love our job and the satisfaction it gives us when more and more people discover what difference great products make, and how our clients and their families can enjoy the benefits of feeling better on the inside as on the outside.

But it’s not only surface, they all have depth. The breathtaking people have intresting thoughts and an opinion about life. The glamourous places have a history to tell. And the beautiful materials will last for decades because of their quality. And all of them will only be more beautiful over time.


The artist who loves hair, is how I often describe myself. I know that colour and shape affect us in everything we do, and that is why I want to be involved in influencing and beautifying the world. The positive feeling that arises when we ourselves or those around us perceive us as beautiful both on the inside and the outside is wonderful. If you feel good-looking I know you will also feel better, I always want to unite surface and substance.

For many years I have had the privilege of helping both women and men with make-overs on live TV, which has been among the most fun and, at the same time, the most challenging things I have done. My message of showing on the outside who you are on the inside has taken me around the world, where I have taught and inspired hair stylists with my philosophy.

With all this experience it seems natural to create a hair care range. Lernberger Stafsing was launched in 2011, and it feels fantastic!

Mattias often describes me as a hair entrepreneur, balanced and creative. Our policy is to always be creative and passionate.


The aesthete who loves the overall concept, is how I like to describe myself.  My motto in life of “Protector of beauty and guardian of details” is also reflected in my work. Every year, many of Sweden’s top artists get the benefit of my knowledge and passion to highlight the best and most unique parts of their appearance. I am convinced that every person is a little more extraordinary than they themselves believe and, with sprays and brushes as my tools, I often hear of how I wave my magic wand and enhance their personality.

During my time as a model I became aware of the importance of good beauty routines, and this is essential in my current work as a hair and make-up artist. I have brought my experience from all of this to the creation of Lernberger Stafsing.

Patrik often describes me as a dedicated aesthete, sensitive to trends and a heartfelt person. It is precisely the heart that is important to us, heart must always be in whatever we do.

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